E-adhyapak.com is an online educational portal specially meant and devoted for teacher education. E-adhyapak.com has been founded by Mr. Piyush Bhargava, managing director of Rakhi Prakashan Pvt. Ltd Agra A leading publishers in field of teacher - education under the dynamic guidance of Dr. Mahesh Bhargava, a well known Psychologists and educationist of the country. According to the document released by National Council For Teacher Education ( NCTE ), A regulatory body of teacher training institution in india, country has an approximately 16000 to 18000 TTI's that simply means we are having near about 5,00,000 teacher educaters and about 15,00,000 pupil teacher every year there was not a single authentic platform for them like E-adhyapak.com which provides opportunities for academic excellence, E-adhyapak.com is a sincere attempt to provide them standard learning content and it will surely helpful for TTI's and all the stake holders of the field for catering their need of e-books and e-journals and other teaching learning material.

It is no denying the fact that we are in the information age where computers and internet have become an integral rather indispensable part of our lives. From social networking to online banking, distance education to teleconferencing, online ticket reservation to online shopping, data uploading to data downloading, smart phones to tablet, the cyber world has taken the real world by storm ever since the launch of Digital India Initiative in our country, the effective use of ICT by the masses in their day to day life has gained a remarkable momentum. Suffice it to say, the information and communication technology has touched every fact of our life. The field of education is also no exception to this renaissance pertaining to the creation, preservation and dissemination of information. There have been paradigm shifts in pedagogy the manifestation of which are being witnessed in the form of smart class, virtual classroom, interactive educational CDís edutainment the government had also started a mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) to leverage the potential of ICT in the field of teaching and learning E-Pathshala, E-Yantra, GIAN, SWAYAM are several such initiative as to harness the potential of ICT in tune with the same Rakhi Prakashan Pvt. Ltd concived of the idea of launching an initiative entitled E-adhyapak.com which is infact a c-portal.